Curved Balconies

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Curved & Interior Balconies 
in Roger, Arkansas

Curved Balconies

In addition to offering attractive arched opening kits, we also offer interior curved balcony systems. These elegant elliptical balcony systems add a custom feel to any interior balcony area, without the unpredictable price and quality of custom work.

These systems come complete with elliptical apron kit and handrail, pre-formed to one of our standard sizes. Like our Curved Jamb Systems, no curved framework is required. By using our simple framing specs the one-piece apron kit slides on. The balusters and rail are then installed.
Eyebrow Design for arched doorways

Turn-Key Installation

Use our balusters for turn-key installation, or use your own. If you choose one of our baluster designs, the Handrail and Landing Tread can come predrilled for even easier installation.

Choose a balcony design that fits your unique style.

1. Choose the Apron Style

  • Smooth
  • Recessed Panel with smooth bottom piece
  • Recessed Panel with Panel bottom piece.

2. Choose the Handrail Style

  • 6010- 2 1/4”
  • 6210- 2 5/8”
  • 6710- 2 3/4”

3. Choose the Wood 

  • Species for the Handrail and Landing Tread.

4. Choose from one of our Iron Selections, or use your own!

  • Wide Range of Designs from Standard Twist and Basket Series to elaborate patterns.
  • Will also accommodate wood balusters.

5. Choose from one of our Standard Sizes

  • Model 55
  • Model 61
  • Model 73
  • Model 85
  • Model 97
  • Model 109
  • Model 121

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